Air Winch Safety Info

What is an air winch?

The frequent transportation of material and personnel is routine in the oil and gas, construction, and maritime industries. An air winch is an ideal choice whenever material or personnel need to reach areas that are inaccessibly by cranes and other similar movers. They’re also known as air tuggers or air hoists.

How do I select the right type of air winch?

Selecting the appropriate winch and compatible components is crucial to safe operations. The process is dependent on understanding the relevant regulations and policies at the job site.

What are the steps to safe winch operation?

Safe winch operation helps protect not only those directly involved, but everyone at the worksite. The first step of safe winch operation is performing a JSA. The second step of safe winch operation is inspecting the winch and wire rope at appropriate intervals. The third step is to follow safe operating guidelines at all times – before, during, and after operation. The fourth step proper air winch maintenance performed by authorized personnel.

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