About Us

Falck Alford is headquartered in Houma, LA and currently operates five safety training facilities in the United States. The Alford family of companies was founded in 1997, and quickly expanded to become the largest safety training and offshore personnel provider in the Gulf South. We currently offer over 100 safety and rescue courses that conform to OSHA, OPITO and BOEM guidelines.

In 2008, Alford Safety Services merged with Falck, Europe’s largest health care and safety provider, becoming Falck Alford. Our extensive knowledge, field experience and safety training accreditations allow Falck Alford Productions to create comprehensive safety films and training packages, custom orientations and documentaries.

Falck Alford Productions creates safety training films relevant to the oil and gas, maritime, construction and health care industries. To complement our safety films, we also offer Training Kits that include a PowerPoint presentation, student handbooks, and tests and quizzes. These additional training materials are reproducible and facilitate a greater understanding of the material presented in our safety training films.

Falck Alford Productions also provides custom filming services both onshore and offshore. These custom productions can document projects such as orientations, installations, safety-training seminars and task or work processes for in-house training or commercial purposes.