Air Winch Safety

Founded in 2000, Alford Services has been a leader in safety training for the oil and gas, maritime and construction industries. We currently teach more than 100 safety training courses, including Air Winch Safety. To complement our hands-on Air Winch training, Falck Alford Productions offers a modern, high-definition Air Winch Safety video and training material.

Falck Alford’s Air Winch Safety video is offered with an optional Air Winch Training Kit that includes reproducible versions of a PowerPoint presentation, student handbooks, tests and quizzes. Falck Alford’s field experience and safety training accreditations allow us to create valuable training material for the industries we serve.

Please view our Air Winch Safety trailer below.

If you would like to preview a full online version this film, please visit the Air Winch Safety Video on our website.

Falck Alford’s Air Winch Safety video reviews basic OSHA, ANSI and ASME codes and standards for safe air winch operation. Some of the topics covered in our Air Winch Safety video and optional Air Winch Safety Training Kit include:

  • Types of Air Winches
  • Air Winch Selection
  • Types of Wire Rope
  • Wire Rope Selection
  • D/d Ratio
  • Working Load Limit
  • General Safety Procedures
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Safe Winch Operation
  • PPE
  • Air Winch/Wire Rope Inspections and Maintenance

The Air Winch Safety Training Kit complements the information presented in our Air Winch video and all the included documents are reproducible for continued use. These additional training materials aid in giving a deeper understanding of the material in our Air Winch Safety video.

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  1. Mark says:

    Thank you for putting this preview online! After watching it, we purchased the film for all of our off-shore sites so all our employees would be properly training. One of our best decisions.

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